Dr. Susan Miller is a brilliant, young, attractive marine biologist on a fast track career pathway at Memorial University of Newfoundland, doing behavioral studies on squid and octopuses, molluscan species noted for their high intelligence. Her studies are interrupted when the director of NOAA's Office of Research and Ocean Exploration requests her help aboard the oceanic research vessel, Okeanos Explorer, in the western Pacific Ocean to investigate the disappearance of some marine research divers from the ship. She is accompanied by her molecular biology post-doctoral trainee, Dr. Masami Matsumoto from Japan. It is suspected that one or more giant squid, usually a quiet, clandestine species, are responsible for these and other deaths in the region. Scientists aboard the research vessel are also investigating the increased submarine seismic activity occurring in the western Pacific. These dilemmas require the two young marine biologists to travel around the globe, and to examine the molecular genetics to solve this problem and to discover its amazing causation. The Aggressor Gene is a marine biology science-oriented thriller melding the areas of psychology, molecular biology and physical oceanography with marine biology in an exciting page turner.

The Aggressor Gene

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