Our Mission:

Preserve, promote & interpret the arts, history & cultural heritage of Blacksburg

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We invite you to join us in support of BM&CF's mission. Every dollar you give helps us to fulfill our mission to: "Promote, preserve & present the arts, history & cultural heritage of Blacksburg".

The Blacksburg Museum & Cultural Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. ​As such, all donations are fully tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

You can make your donation via the form on the right, or by mailing your gift to:


204 Draper Rd. SW

Blacksburg, VA 24060

  • Support BM&CF's Mission to, preserve, interpret and promote Blacksburg's history, art, and cultural heritage.

  • Educate children in our hands-on Blacksburg history programs.

  • Provide special on and off site programs.

  • Make historical Blacksburg photographs, articles, and books accessible for research.

  • Collect and care for historical items 

  • Provide for restoration and access to the 1897 Alexander Black House & Cultural Center

  • Connect people and places with today's important issues through community conversations

Join us...
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PLATINUM $50,000 +

National Bank of Blacksburg
Town of Blacksburg
Jim and Janet Rakes
William C. & Ellen N. Cranwell Charitable Trust, Inc.

Ronnie & Faye Marcum

Vinod and Ranjana Chachra

GOLD $10,000 +

William and Nancy Aden
Anonymous Donor
The Blacksburg Partnership
Steve Critchfield
C. Y. and Carole Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Denardo
Robert and Donna Dunay
Paul and Evelyn Farrier
Jim and Janet Johnson
Ann Linden
Dave & Linda Smith

Frank & Cheryl Beamer

Derek Klinedinst & Krisha Chachra Kilinedinst

Joe Jennelle

Frances Parsons

SILVER $1897 +

William and Nancy Aden in memory of our friend Ellen Burnop
Blacksburg High School Decade Reunion, in honor of the Spirit of the Blacksburg Indian
Blacksburg High School 1950's Reunion
John and Elizabeth Bush
Anne and Greg Campbell
Stephen and Rosemary Cole
Jack and Linda Davis
Descendants of Alexander and Elizabeth Black
Christiansburg-Blacksburg Rotary Club
Downtown Blacksburg, Inc.
Jennifer Edwards in memory of Evelyn “Patti” White Lindamood Worthington
First Education Federal Credit Union
Ina and Brian Graves
Eric P. and Leslie Hager-Smith
H. H. Hunt, III
William and Andrea Isenhour
Cathy and Steve Jacobs
Jim and Janet Johnson
Kim Kipling and Susan Anderson
Virginia Klinedinst
Ed and Karen Lawhorn
Craig and Pam Little
Harland and Nita Apperson Little
Doug & Helene Jones, family of Rev Samuel Black, in memory of Norma Black
Christy Mackie
Wayne and Lynn Martin
The Mason Family – Don, Pam, Brick, Molly and Andy
Kay and John Moody
Terry Nicholson and Terri Fisher
Ron and Mary Rordam
George (Buddy) and Frances Hutcheson Russell
Tom and Janice Sherman
James and Margaret Shuler
Jean Skelton
Sharon & John Stern, Jennifer & Brent Stern and Courtney & Andrew Caplan in memory of Marianne & George Stern
Douglas G. Stewart, in memory of Jeff Stewart
J. B. and Joann Sutphin
Lee and Patti Talbot
Virginia Tech Foundation
Marc and Kristie Verniel
Lindsay and David West

Michael Abraham

BHS Fifties Reunion

John & Kathryn Albright

Phyllis T. Albritton

Dean & Darlene Allen

Bill & June Almond

Bayley Alphin & Johnathan Dean

Dr. W.D. Altman & Ms. Joanna Angle

David Angle & Diane Relf

Marjorie Apperson

The Apperson Sisters

David and Patty Arnold

Diane Arrington

Kathleen Asber

Tony and Susan Asselin

John & Susan Austin

Dr. Robin Bagby

Louise Baker

Mooreman & Frieda Baker

Dr. Wendy Baldwin

Lawrence & Vicky Ball

John Balser

Mr. Lewis Barnett

Stacy Barton

BB&T Securities

Joseph H. Bean II & Nancy Ridinger Bean

Lawrence Bechtel

Bob and Ini Beckman

Dale Black and Margaret Stuart

Barbara Bell Capozzi

Mrs. Berger

Mr. Gerhard Beyer

BHS 1964 Reunion

BHS '69 Reunion

BHS Class of 1960

BHS Class of 1964

Mary Biggs

Mr. Dwight Bigler

Gail Billingsley

Samuel and Ruby Bingham

Jeff & Sandy Birch

Blacksburg Woman's Club

Phyllis Blevins

Elizabeth Blythe

Mr. and Mrs. Bond-Poole

Mr. Allan Bookout

Charles & Frieda Bostian

Al and Marilyn Bowman

Mr. Don Braffitt

Lynn Brammer

David & Mary Britt

Ms. Stayce Broce

Clayton Brooks

BHS Class of 1960

Bill & Jennifer Brown

Brown Insurance

Christy Brown

Jo & Bud Brown

Mary Brown

Thomas C. Brown, Jr.

William H. and Rebecca Brown

Joan Buchanan

William R. Burrowbridge

Gary Buss

Glenn and Nelda Buss

Virginia H. Butler

Elizabeth Calvera

Allen Campbell

Sue Campbell

Michele Canterbury

Chris Kappas and Kevin Long

Patricia Ceperley

BHS Class of 1960

Geraldine S. Chambers

Charlotte & Riley Chan

Amy Cheatham

Zane and Donna Christian

Christian Insurance Agency/Allstate

Wiley and Nancy Christie

Yvonne Clark & Steven Sutphen

William & Gail Clifton

Elizabeth Cohen

Jeffrey Cole and Ruth Waalkes

John R. and Estelle Woolwine Cole

Colley Architects, P.C.

Tim Colley

Eldridge and Belva Collins

Emily Collins

Donald W. Compton


Pauletta Copenheaver

John Hile & Stephanie Cox


Steve and Penny Culver

Michael Curley

Mr. Graham Currin

Carol L Davis

William and Margery Davis

Margaret Price Davison

Nita Dawson

Delta Psi Nu Local Leadership Fraternity

Linda Bowers Deviney

Robert L. Dickenson

Vicky Dierckx

Jerry Diffell

John & Martha Dillard

Rick and Susan DiSalvo

Rice Dobbins

John & Lisa Dooley

Gwendolyn E. Douglas

Hattie Dove

Dennis & Janie Dowdy

Harold Downing

Don & Libby Drapeau

Willard B. and Harriette W. Droke

Larkin Dudley

Lucile Dudley

Mr. Henry Dunton Jr.

Jessie S. and Thomas T. Eaves

Dick and Edie Ebel

Mary Kent Apperson Elliott

Nola Elliott

James R. Ellison

Ted Ellmore

Dave English

Felicia Etzkorn

Exxon Mobil Foundation

Dr. Willard Eyestone & Mrs. Mary Walters Eyestone

Alan Fabian

Julia Fallon

Colleen Farmer

Ms. Karen S. Finch

First Bank and Trust Company

Norman and Joyce Fitzwater

Beverly Fleming

Deena Flinchum

Ernestine J. Foresman

William G. and Judith A. Foster Jr.

Ms. Lauren Foutz

Debbie Francis

Laura Freeman

Paul and Janet French

Tracey And Mike Gallagher

John Gangwer

GFWC Blacksburg Woman's Club

Rebecca Ghezzi

Anne Giles

Nikki Giovanni

Lucy A. Goldberg

Dr. and Mrs. Terry & Paula Golden

Dr. Charles Goodsell and Mrs. Liz Goodsell

Garland & Karen Gouger

John L. Grant

W. Michael Grant

James Granville

Mrs. Susan Gravely

Curtis and Peggy Gray

Bill Green

Edward & Diane Green

Owen and Cheryl Lynn Green

John Greene

Dr. Becky H. Greer

John & Leslie Gregg


Linda and Malcolm Griggs

Velva & Gordon Groover

Flora Baird Phelps Gutshall

Dr. and Mrs. T. Marshall Hahn Jr.

Stefan & Christine Haimann

Tom & Elizabeth Hammett

Hunter Hancock

David and Mary Harder

Marianna Ussery Harvin

D.M. Hawkins

Davis Heatwole

Don & Connie Heindel

Martha Heiskell

Ted C. Heller

Henry & Susan Henderson

William & Mary Lee Hendricks

John Hile and Stephanie Cox

Robert Hill

Lawrence and Susan Hincker

Richard F. Hirsh

Lorraine A. Hodge

Rosemary Hoffman

Joel Holt

Bob and Mae Hoover

Diane Hoover

Mark and Lee Anne Hoppe

Katrina K. Hosner

Thomas C. Howard

Richard T. and Janice P. Howerton III


Bill Huckle

Steve and Laurie Hudgins

Michael Hughes and Carolyn Kroehler

Richard & Julie Hughes

Charles Walcott and Karen Hult

Sara Hummel

Martha Humphrey

James & Bonnie Hupton

Marilyn Hutchins

Phyllis Hutton

Patricia Hyer

Ms. Ifju

Donald and Brenda Irons

Phyllis R. Jackson

Janet James

Casey Jenkins

Benjamin Johnson

David Johnson

DJ Johnson

Eric & Jennifer Johnson

Harry & Harriet Johnson

Ms. Mary Ann Johnson

Walter Johnson

David Jones & Lori Tolliver - Jones

Dr. Roy Jones & Mrs. Judith Jones

Erma Jones

James & Suzanne Jones

Ronald and Patty Jones

Richard Joyce

Chris & Maria  Kappas

Donald Karnes

Shakey & Louise Kassem

Thomas M. Kastner

Mr. John Keffer

Vernon Kelley

Arthur and Barbara Keown

Mary King

Bertram Y. Kinzey, Jr.

Melissa Kish

Sarah and Corey Kite

William & Melissa Knocke

Lata Kodali

Peter O. and Judy B. Kohler

Thomas Koontz

Gail R. Korman

Michael Kosztarab

Mr. Roger C. Krais

Arlean Lambert

Paul and Christine Lancaster


Hamid and Dawn LaPuasa

Patience Larkin

Erik & Anne Larsen

Patricia Lavender

RB  Lawhorn Jr.

Vicki Lawrence

Susan Lazear

Leadership NRV

Laura Lennox

Suzie & Randy Leslie

Drs. Jack M. and Mary Ann Lewis

Roger and Julia Lewis

Judy & Andrew Lilly

David & Lindsay Lindenberg

Mary Elizabeth Lindon

Larry Linkous

Mrs. Maury B. Linkous

Elizabeth Johnston Lipscomb

Coulter B. Little

Mr. Michael Kent Little

Sheridan Little

Susan Lockwood

Samuel and Sylvia Long

Ms. Catina Lowery

Gail C. Lucas

Nancy Mahoney

Todd Marcum

Jane Mashburn

Andrew and Mary Ann Mason

Lynn Mason

Susan & Kelly Mattingly

Dr. Melissa Matusevich

Tom Mays

Jim McAlister

Catherine McCollough

Carole McCoy

Peter J. and Nancy C. McDonald

Darlene McGinnis

The McGrady Family

Anne McNabb and Richard Burian

Charles & Lillian McPherson

James McReynolds

David & Libby Meincke

Sally H. Merchant

Dr. Peggy S. Meszaros

Dr. Paul & Nancy Metz

Barbara Michelson

Dr. John M. Miller

Steve and Debbie Miller

Barbara & Paul Mitchell

Quinn & Lisa Mongan

James Montgomery

Montogomery County Public Schools

Dean and Sally Mook

Laurence Moore

Mrs. Lillian H. Moore

Andy & Susan Morikawa

Kathleen Morris

Patricia Buckley Moss

Pixie Mothena

Mt. Tabor Ruritan Club

John and Susan Muffo

Don & June Mullins

Thomas and Joan Munford

Martin Muscatello

Jay and Beth Musgrave

Ms. Lee Musgrave


New River Blues Society

Cecile Newcomb

Bertram J. & Christine  Newmark

David and Carole Nickerson

Ruth Niles

Charlie & Evelyn Noonkester

Eric and Sallie Noonkester

David & Jan Notter

Robert Oliver and Jo Anne Hylton

Thomas & Mary Ollendick

Thomas and Martha Olson

Dan & Margaret Owen


Bob and Barbara Pack

William F Pack, III

Marie Paget

Beth Parker

Dave & Janette Parrish

Mr. Gregory Pearson

Dennis Perdue

Margaret and Harvey Peterson

David Phillips

Archie & Barbara Phlegar

Joni Pienkowski

Raymond and Linda Plaut

Bob & Annette Poff

Travis & Margaret Poole

Tom & Judy Pospichal

Mr. Bob Price

Robert & Anaise Puckett

Inge Pyle

Sherrie Quillen

Dr. Ellen Rabun

Jay & Tina Rainey

William and Eugenie Ranck

Augustus Raney

Pat Raney

Donald & Cindy Ray

David & Judie Reemsnyder

Richard Reid

Patrick Reilly

Richard Rhoades

Rev. Archie Richmond & Barbara Pendergrass

Minnis & Louise Ridenour

Rebecca Riley

Elizabeth and Marvin Risen

Mark and Jennifer Rivers

Rachel Robbins

Paul Robertson and Family

Albert and Vick Robinson

Rocky Acres

Dr. David Roper

Mike Rosenzweig

Steve & Holly Ross

Don Rouzer

Jana Ruble

Donald and Carolyn Rude

Robin Russell

Ted and Constance Russell

Thomas & Susan Ryan

Arnold & Arlene Saari

Mark Sanders and Gail McMillan

Suzanne Santamaria

Graciela Santopietro

Joe Sarsfield

Bill & Linda Sarver

Deane Schweinsberg

John P. Tutle and Sharon G. Scott

Ron and Vickey Secrist

Mrs. Kathy Sevebeck

Mrs. Llyn Sharp

Rob Shea

Mr. Bob Shel

Troy Shelton

Dr. Richard Shepherd & Mrs. Laurie Shepherd

Debbie Sherman-Lee

Jim and Cindy Shockley

Janet Shuff

Bill & Betty Simpson

Angie Smibert

Brian and Christine Smith

Deborah J. Smith

Mike and Kristi Snyder

Georgia Anne Snyder-Falkinham

David M. Soper

Victor Sorrell

John Stahl and Sarah Windes

Bob and Donna Stalcup

Charles Steger

Barbara W. Stewart

Earnestine Stewart

Jay & Karen Stipes

Robert and Carol Ann Sumichrast

Donald & Joanna Sunshine

George & Constance Sutton

Mary Swiger

Edwin & Melinda Talley

Scott Taulbee

Cathy Taylor

Charles & Mary Frances Taylor

Betty A Teske

Dr. Damon Thompson, DDS

Rita Thornton

Merv and Carolyn  Timberlake

Betty Tipsword

Tom Sherman Baldwin Award

Janet Town

Robert J. and Patricia J. Tracy

Doreen Trammell

Treeplease, NC

Lou Tribble

Troop 613 08/13

Ms. Paula Van Curen

Peter and Sarah Vandenberg

Sarah Vanderberg

Karen Veilleux

Sandra Leipprandt Ventry

Amy S. Venturino

Virginia Tech Foundation

Mr. Richard Wade

Ginger Wagner & Paul Herling

Curt Wainwright

Clayland H. Waite

Charles E Walcott and Karen Hult

John and Victoria Walker

Peter Wallenstein

Walter Hearn Associates LLC

Joseph and Michael Wang

Charles & Nancy Warren

Jack Washington

Judith Ann Watson

Kelly and Martha Webb

Jeffrey and Jane Weiseman

Dr. Jane Wentworth

Robert & Barbara Wheeler

Peyton White

Seanere White

J.P. Wightman

Jay Wilkins

Jeff & Molly Williams

Joel S. Williams

Mary Williams

Mr. Stephen Williams

George Wills

Wirt Wills

Joseph and Mary Winn

Richard and Loretta Wolf

FE Wolford

Anne Wood & Jean Shick

Janice Woodard

Craig & Sarah Woolsey

John & Diane Woolwine

Tammy Wright

Leonard and Barbara Yarbrough

Geraldine E. Young

Mr. Sherman Young

Ms. JoAnn Young Price

Robert and Esther Youngs

Michael and Karen Zeigler

Mary Jane Zody

Bronze Level